Shakes & Snacks


Protein shakes are absolutely fantastic when it comes to pre-workout or post-workout nutrition. The shake can be tailored to fit whatever your needs are, and with the right ingredients it could even taste great.

Almost every at this blog  are Whey Protein Shake Recipes but there are a few that are based around Milk and Eggs as the protein source.

The actual process of making your shake is quite simple, and just involves putting everything in a blender and blitzing it for about 45 seconds.

Yocan increase/decrease ice into the mix until you get the consistency you like (thick or smooth).

Snacking is also an effective way to fit extra nutrients into your diet and prevent overeating at mealtimes.

As long as you choose nutritious snacks, snacking will also help you meet your nutrient needs for the day. Although it’s fine to have a less-than-healthy snack every once in a while, most of your snacks should consist of nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and nuts or seeds.

Don’t snack right before a meal, and only eat a snack if you are truly hungry.

Snacking out of boredom or for other emotional reasons isn’t healthy and can lead to overeating and weight gain. Most snacks should be around 100 calories, but if you need to use a snack in place of a meal, eat a slightly larger snack containing about 250 calories.


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